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programs & services

project.ME offers recovery support services to aid individuals in removing any barriers they have to entering into or sustaining long-term recovery. project.ME also offers harm reduction services and education for those struggling with substance use disorder, their support people and members of the community. 

peer recovery coaching

Peer Support.png

submit a request for peer support services and be connected with a Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach to assist you in addressing any barriers you have to entering into or stabilizing in your recovery from drugs or justice involvement.  additionally, our peer services are available to provide support for loved ones of those who use drugs. 

overdose intervention &
narcan administration training

Overdose Intervention.JPG

submit a request for training on opioid overdose intervention and appropriate Naloxone/Narcan administration. Successfully complete free training and following, receive one dose of intranasal Narcan, also free of charge. 

community resources & referrals

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submit a request for resources or referrals and be connected with a Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach who can guide you to relevant community agencies and programs to address any needs you may have. short on clothing or food? need to obtain an ID, birth certificate or social security card? need to apply for housing, health coverage or food stamps? are you currently experiencing homelessness? let us help...

advocacy &
community education

Shame Stigma.png

just being in recovery is difficult and full of challenges. part of our mission at is to challenge old ideas and stigmas related to Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Justice Involvement. are you or your organization interested in receiving education on SUD, available recovery options, harm reduction measures, overdose intervention or Narcan administration? request a consultation today. 

narcan & fentanyl test strip distribution


through a partnership with Overdose Lifeline, project.ME is able to distribute life-saving Narcan and fentanyl test strips, at no charge. minimal demographic information will be requested  for data tracking. Number of doses is based on expressed need.

harm reduction tools & resources

HD act of radical self love.png

in 2021 project.ME was awarded a 2-year $140,000 grant to create and implement  a harm reduction street outreach team (HRSO)  in Allen County. we go out into he community to meet vulnerable populations right where they're at. additionally, project.ME assembles and offers "Safer Use' kits to promote health and safety of people who use drugs and the community, as a whole. 

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