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harm reduction

reducing the risk of harm or death for people who use drugs

The project.ME Harm Reduction Street Outreach team goes into communities in Allen County several times each week to meet people right where they're at. project.ME distributes Narcan to aid in the prevention of fatal opioid overdose, provides fentanyl and xylazine test strips to test for contamination of other drugs, and create and offer safe use kits to promote the health and safety of people who use drugs and the community, as a whole. 

Halftone Image of Crowd

Harm Reduction Street Outreach (HRSO) Team

meeting people exactly where they're at 

several times each week, the project.ME HRSO team goes out into the Allen County communities that have the highest documented rates of overdose.

In addition to providing lifesaving Naloxone and harm reduction tools, the HRSO team offers snacks, water, wound care kits, safe sex kits, warming & hygiene items and connection to relevant community resources. The HRSO team also aids in the connection to consistent, ongoing support through project.ME's no-barrier Peer Recovery Coaching Program, if desired. 

Safer Use Kits

pM Safer Snort Kit Items.jpg

Safe'r Snort Kit

hand sanitizer | plastic card | plastic razor | biodegradable straws | alcohol swabs | makeup scoop

pM Safer Inject Kit Items.jpg

safe'r inject kit

Syringe Service Program card | tourniquet | vitamin C | cooker caps | sterile water | alcohol swabs | cotton pellets | BZK wipes 

pM Safer Meth Smoke Kit Items.jpg


Meth Smoke kit

globe pipe | mouthpieces | lip balm | alcohol swabs | hand sanitizer

pM Safer Foil Smoke Kit Items.jpg


foil Smoke Kit

precut foil | biodegradable straws | lip balm | alcohol swabs | hand sanitizer

pM Safer Crack Smoke Kit logo.jpg


crack smoke kit

straight pipe | screens | mouthpieces | lip balm | push sticks | alcohol swabs | hand sanitizer

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