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our mission

project.ME seeks to strengthen support systems through outreach, coaching & advocacy-aiding in the connection to recovery & harm reduction support services and tools while decreasing barriers for sustained life & recovery.

Our vision

project.ME will eliminate stigmas related to justice involvement and substance use concerns through decreasing recidivism, improving adult resiliency through trauma-informed practices, and aiding individuals in living their purpose in a safe, holistic, judgement-free environment.

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Peer Recovery Coaches

Support provided by others who have

"been there"....

There is no worse feeling than that of being judged when you're thinking about or trying to make healthier choices. Especially when it is by those who were put in your life to help. 

At project.ME, we are dedicated to providing non-judgmental, compassionate support. Our Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coaches have lived experience with drugs and/or justice involvement and will use this experience to better relate with and serve you in your journey.

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become." Carl Jung

Support group

Recovery Support

Get What You Need How You Need It

Our goal is to help individuals remove barriers to improving their overall wellness. This type of support can include but is not limited to: connection to harm reduction tools & resources, connection to inpatient/outpatient treatment, connection to recovery support groups-(12 step and otherwise), connection to community supports, connection to mental health assessment and services, connection to resources to resolve trauma, and family support.

Recovery support can also include assistance with applying for health coverage and SNAP, obtaining identifiers (ID, birth record, SS card), and looking for employment.

Connection to Resources

Building Formal & Informal Supports

When you make the decision to improve your life, you are making the decision ask for help. While project.ME's Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coaches are incredible and resourceful, we are only one organization in a large community. It takes being knowledgeable about any help that is available to you in our community, in order to be successful. Our coaches will assess any needs you may have and issue information, resources, and referrals to other amazing organizations in the community.

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